The Home bags can be used for a nearly unlimited number of applications. Owing to their affordable price, you can use the bags all around your home. You can use them for carrying logs and setting them by the fireplace, keeping your clothes fresh, storing important items on shelves and, if necessary, for moving items from one place to another with ease. The latest addition to our collection is created together with designer Ari Kostamo. Three bags that will give your modern home nordic touch.


The Home bag has three bags as a design collaboration between Vilikkala and Ihanna Home.

The founders of those two brands have been friends since they were teenagers and always wanted to work on a project together.

Ihanna Home is an Icelandic company founded in 2008 by Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadottir.

The company designs and manufactures high quality interior products with a graphic touch, inspired by its Nordic roots.

The aim is to design products where functionality, simplicity and enduring aesthetics come together.

Pipsa -bag is a collaboration with finnish TV cook Pipsa Hurmerinta, who joyfully experiences grocery shopping, picnic -events and visits to the country house, carrying all necessities in her gigantic, but elegant Pipsa bag.

The volume of 70 litres has made the bag very popular among the bagstage support staff of many TV -productios. 

Muovo Home bag is a colorful discussion piece of otherwise very controlled nordic home.

Sanna and Anni from the design house MuovO created the patterns for us and went crazy with the colors.

Our sales has proven that the Golden Ochre is the most popular item of these three colors.

Royal Blue and Sky Blue are not for everyone either, but the one that has an eye for certain interior design, will fall in love with these Design from Finland products.


Home Bags can be used as growbags. Because the material is plastic, the soil can be added directly in to the bag and it lasts years before it biodegrades or breaks. Felt has numerous advantages in garden use. See video full of garden ideas!

* According to studies at the University of Colorado in the US, the material stops the roots circulating like in any other pots. The material helps the plant to generate a viable root net, resulting into a stronger plant.

* The felt material does not break in winter temperatures and it keeps it’s colour well in sun as rPET felt has a very good UV-resistance.

* Excess water runs though the felt and keeps the roots breath. The bags are ideal in larger scale as part of a plant watering system for instance in green houses. Tomatoes and cucumbers are good examples of use.

* The bags are easy to move, empty, store and reuse in garden use. The handles are durable and make the plants easy to remove. The package contains a warning not to use on surfaces that might suffer from the excess water running through the bag.

Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy


Home Bags are made from recycled materials and can be disposed with other household plastic. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) refers to certain type of plastic which has very good thermal properties. It can be moulded into new products over and over again. It has very good resistance for moisture absorption and therefore it does not get mold. The best property is its resistance for UV radiation eg. sunlight. This means that it holds it´s durable structure and colours well even in direct sunlight.

The felt material is mechanically 100% recycled PET-plastic bottles e.g. the felt product is a second generation rPET fiber product. In the manufacturing process the used bottles and packages go through a mill and the grains are melted and purified. The mass is made in to felt with a needle punching machinery. The rPET-felt material is very durable and it can be washed and irons easily. Plastic is always plastic but by reusing PET-plastic we keep the plastic out of our seas and landfills. The energy efficiency of the reproduction is relatively good compared to in creating virgin polyester products and many other fibres like cotton.

Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy


After removing the package the felt might have foldings which can be easily ironed away.

Steam iron the bag from the inside with low temperature. After this the bag holds its perfect shape and can be placed anywhere to ease your everyday carrying and storing needs.

The bags can be washed in washing maschines in low temperature. The material does not shrink or give color but the felt becomes usually little softer.

Bags with leather parts are not recommended to be washed and bags with prints might loose clarity of the pattern after several washes.


Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy is equally owned by two persons Mr. Hannu Tuomola and Mr. Jari Toivonen. The company started operating in the end of 2015. Vilikkala is a small idyllic village in south Finland and represents the location and way of life, where country living means opportunities for prosperous life. Leading idea of our company is to offer our customers multipurpose felt bags. “Kotisäkki” and “Landella” are registered trademarks of Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy.

We have very good sales partners in many stores of two major retail chains in Southern Finland and some smaller boutiques across the country. Our own online store serves Finnish customers only and plays a smaller role in our sales. We also have a third sales channel which is group sales of non-profit organizations like sports teams and school classes. Now we are ready to go further and we would like to sell our bags all over Finland, and maybe even further. We aim for volume by offering the product with low prices.

Our storage facility is located in Salo and we can directly serve our customers from there even if it is about larger

quantities. Our production is in China where we have a partner who has a sewing factory employing around 200 workers who work with a large variety of sewing and cutting machinery. Our partner purchases the felt material from the producer directly and we supervise this production chain, quality and working conditions.